Crews from Stations 84 and 82 were dispatched to a fire alarm at the Forest Hills Personal Care home on Humbert Road, late Sunday evening. A resident pulled a pullstation device setting off the alarm....
Crews from Station 84 were responding to an early morning accident on Mt Hope Road Saturday morning. However, an unattended auto moved forward striking a utility pole. No injuries and the department w...
Rescue Engine and Utility 84 responded to assist PD with traffic for a 2 vehicle accident on Locust Street at 3rd St, St Michael.
Crews from Stations 82 and 84 were dispatched for a residential fire alarm at a residence on the 1200 block of Forest Hills Drive, in Adams Township. Proper passcode and PD request departments cancel.
Member List

                               2021  Member Roster

                               Chief  Paul M Kundrod*

                               Deputy Chief  Earl Beaner*

                               Assistant Chief  John McKnight*

                               Assistant Chief Josh Petrisko*

                               Captain  Gene Krupa*  

                               Captain Justin McKnight*


FIREFIGHTERS            FIREFIGHTERS             DRIVERS         

 Mike Gdula*                 Joe Ulery                        Kirk Moss       

 Scott Croyle                 Krystyn Croyle               Gary Kundrod     

 Shawn Smay                Garrett Kundrod             Bern Blazosky        

 Vince Zangaglia            Nathan Kundrod*            Arnold Nadonley*                     

Jeff Zalar*                      Bill Cononie*                  Tony Christ Sr                           

Tyler Mackel                  Doug Reighard             John Richardson                       

Kerry Plows Jr               Laura Penatzer*             Bob Marra              

BiIl Krajewski*               Joseph Kuzilla                  Lucas Smay

Mike Wirick                    Tom Cruse*                      Andrew Martin

Darrin Smith*                Jim McKnight                    Daniel Blanchetti

Jake Peretin*                  Frank Hribar                    Josh Blanchetti

Cory Villa                        Mike Blanchetti                Carson Kundrod

Seth Richardson*             Matt Smiach*                  Zack Rummel

 Shane Katrancha           Mike Werner                   Mitch Costlow



*  Designates PA State Certified Firefighter 1 or 2 and/ or Hazmat Ops 

FIRE POLICE                SUPPORT MEMBERS               CHAPLAIN

Bill Smith                       Pat Replogle                           Jon Gulnac

Sam Birch                     Terry Wingard

Scott Parizack               Chad Wolfhope

Doug Reighard              Rodney Kundrod

                                      Jeremy Schrader

                                      Robert Oshaben                                                   




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