Saturday, October 16th, 2021
Station 84 was dispatched to a one vehicle accident on Rt 219 Northbound between the Township line and Water Dam curve on Saturday. Crews assisted with traffic and vehicle stabilization. East Hills EM...
Friday, October 15th, 2021
Station 84 was dispatched to assist Station 82, and Somerset County Station 611 (Windber) on an odor investigation in an un occupied residence.
Engine 841 and Rescue Engine 84 responded to assist Station 85 on a working structure fire on the 400 block of Grant Street in South Fork. Crews split and the first engine crew took an attack line off...
Stations 82 and 84 were dispatched for an accident involving a commercial vehicle in the construction zone in Elton on Forest Hills Drive. PD advised fire and ems units can cancel as vehicle left the ...
Member List

                               2021  Member Roster

                               Chief  Paul M Kundrod*

                               Deputy Chief  Earl Beaner*

                               Assistant Chief  John McKnight*

                               Assistant Chief Josh Petrisko*

                               Captain  Gene Krupa*  

                               Captain Justin McKnight*


FIREFIGHTERS            FIREFIGHTERS             DRIVERS         

 Mike Gdula*                 Joe Ulery                        Kirk Moss       

 Scott Croyle                 Krystyn Croyle               Gary Kundrod     

 Shawn Smay                Garrett Kundrod             Bern Blazosky        

 Vince Zangaglia            Nathan Kundrod*            Arnold Nadonley*                     

Jeff Zalar*                      Bill Cononie*                  Tony Christ Sr                           

Tyler Mackel                  Doug Reighard             John Richardson                       

Kerry Plows Jr               Laura Penatzer*             Bob Marra              

BiIl Krajewski*               Joseph Kuzilla                  Lucas Smay

Mike Wirick                    Tom Cruse*                      Andrew Martin

Darrin Smith*                Jim McKnight                    Daniel Blanchetti

Jake Peretin*                  Frank Hribar                    Josh Blanchetti

Cory Villa                        Mike Blanchetti                Carson Kundrod

Seth Richardson*             Matt Smiach*                  Zack Rummel

 Shane Katrancha           Mike Werner                   Mitch Costlow



*  Designates PA State Certified Firefighter 1 or 2 and/ or Hazmat Ops 

FIRE POLICE                SUPPORT MEMBERS               CHAPLAIN

Bill Smith                       Pat Replogle                           Jon Gulnac

Sam Birch                     Terry Wingard

Scott Parizack               Chad Wolfhope

Doug Reighard              Rodney Kundrod

                                      Jeremy Schrader

                                      Robert Oshaben                                                   




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