Shortly after returning from the Olympic Lane fire alarm, Engine 841 responded to assist Station 3 on a reported structure fire on the 2400 block of Bedford Street. Crews found no fire conditions and ...
Stations 82, 84, and 3 were dispatched to an automatic fire alarm at a business on Olympic Lane Friday morning. Crews arrived to find a glove had burned during normal course of business that set off t...
Tuesday, September 20th, 2022
Units from Station 84 responded to a one vehicle rollover accident on the 100 block of Fairview Avenue in the Croyle Township section of Sidman early Tuesday morning. Crews arrived to find one vehicle...
Crews from Stations 84 and 82 responded to a water flow alarm at the Johnstown Flood National Memorial Visitor center early Saturday morning. Crews arrived to find no conditions and met with maintenan...
Call history
Engines 841 and 842 responded with 10 personnel, to a brush fire early Wednesday morning assisting Station 82 on a reported brush fire on the 900 block of Forest Hills Drive. Brush 80 was also on the alarm.
Friday, September 4th, 2015
Station 84 was dispatched to two storm emergency alarms Friday night after a quick moving rain and wind storm passed through the area..
Crews from Station 84 and 78 (Forest Hills EMS) responded to a motorcycle accident with injury on Rt 219. EMS transported the biker. A second EMS unit was dispatched to assist a Good Samaritan who stopped to assist, and suffered a leg injury.
Station 84 was dispatched to Milliken Wood Products twice Monday afternoon. The first dispatch involved a water flow alarm, an apparent construction incident involved the sprinkler system. The second alarm was a fire alarm approximately 30 mnutes later.
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
Station 84 was dispatched to 3 different alarms today. The first with 82 on a residential fire alarm, Engine 841 (with 6) arriving to find food in a microwave. the other two alarms for a tree down on railroad property, and number 3 was a smoke investigation in Croyle Township.
Station 84 was dispatched to a residential fire alarm on the 800 block of Ragers Hill Rd. A firefighter from 84 was on scene and placed units back into service prior to response.
Monday, August 10th, 2015
Rescue Engine 84 responded to two alarms on Monday. The rescue responded to a rollover accident with one occupant on the 500 block of Humbert Rd mid afternoon. Early evening had the rescue responding to assist Medic 781 (Forest Hills) on a seizure patient which was upgraded to a cardiac arrest alarm...
Stations 82 & 84 were dispatched for an automobile fire with entrapment Saturday evening shortly before 10:30pm on the 1200 block of Forest Hills Drive. Adams Twp PD Car 304 reported on scene with full involvement confirming entrapment.
Thursday, July 30th, 2015
Station 84 was dispatched to handle a tree down on Rock Dump Rd just before midnight on the 29th, and an automatic fire alarm the morning of the 30th at the Township Municipal Building.
Rescue Engine 84 with a crew of 7 responded to a car vs Tractor Trailer accident on Rt 219 northbound near the Water Dam Curve. Crews assisted Adams Township Police Car 304 on the call.
A first alarm was dispatched for an automatic fire alarm this morning at the Adams Township Municipal Building complex shortly before 8Am. Adams Township Police cancelled all units prior to any response.
Thursday, July 23rd, 2015
Rescue Engine 84 and Car 84 assisted Forest Hills EMS on an ATV accident on the 300 block of Palestine Rd., Adams Township.
Rescue Engine 84 responded to a two vehicle accident Tuesday in the area of the Growing Tree Day Care Center. Squad 82,along with EMS from Forest Hills also assisted on scene.
Station 84, along with EMS from Stations 78 and 9 were dispatched for an accident with entrapment late Friday afternoon to Mount Hope Rd, in Adams Township. Emergency crews found one van with one occupant over an embankment approximately 125 feet from the road.
Stations 84 and 82 were activated for an automatic alarm at the Fieldhouse Building of the Forest Hills School District. Construction workers set off the alarm with school personnel on scene requesting fire department be cancelled.
Tuesday, July 14th, 2015
Rescue Engine 84 responded to assist Police on a minor hazmat alarm at the intersection of Forest Hills Drive at Locust St., Adams Township. A fuel tank on a vehicle ruptured, and fire department personel assisted the owner with clean up.
Friday, July 10th, 2015
The Fire Company responded on an assist to the PD on a disabled vehicle on Rt 219 Friday afternoon, and two automatic Fire Alarms to one of the cottages owned by the National Park Service early Saturday Morning.
Units from Stations 82 and 84 responded to an odor investigation Thursday afternoon in the area of the Homestead Inn on Forest Hills Drive, in Adams Township.
Crews from Station 84 responded to assist Stations 85 (South Fork) and 86 (Summerhill) on a structure fire at a residence on the 200 block of Nelson Road early Thursday morning. Rescue Engine 84 and Engine 841 responded with a total of 9 on the mutual aid assist.
Stations 82 & 84, along with EMS from Stations 78 & 9 were dispatched to an accident with injuries, a vehicle into a structure, along Forest Hills Dr, Adams Township. Adams Township PD arrived on scene to advised this was a towed vehicle with mechanical problems that broke away and rested ag...

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