Crews from Stations 84 and 82 were dispatched to a fire alarm at the Forest Hills Personal Care home on Humbert Road, late Sunday evening. A resident pulled a pullstation device setting off the alarm....
Crews from Station 84 were responding to an early morning accident on Mt Hope Road Saturday morning. However, an unattended auto moved forward striking a utility pole. No injuries and the department w...
Rescue Engine and Utility 84 responded to assist PD with traffic for a 2 vehicle accident on Locust Street at 3rd St, St Michael.
Crews from Stations 82 and 84 were dispatched for a residential fire alarm at a residence on the 1200 block of Forest Hills Drive, in Adams Township. Proper passcode and PD request departments cancel.
Call history
Crews from Station 84 and 78 (Forest Hills EMS) responded on a motorcycle vs automobile on the 1300 block of Palestine Rd. The rescue crew assisted ems with the patient.
Friday, May 10th, 2013
Engine 841 and 84 Deputy handled a tree down on Rhodes Cross Road, Sidman
Engines 841 and 842 responded to a brush fire at a farm on Promise Lane, Adams Township. Crews were on scene approximately 30 minutes.
Station 84 was dispatched for an accident involving a car and two parked autos, on the 700 block of Locust St., St Michael. The call was upgraded to accident with injuries, adding Medic 781 to the alarm.
Thursday, May 2nd, 2013
Stations 82 & 84, along with EMS units from 78 (Forest HIlls) were dispatched to the 200 block of Seesetown Rd, Adams Township for a motorcycle accident with the occupant down over an embankment. Crews worked to extricate the occupant up the embankment via stokes basket and pulley system.
Crews from 84 assisted Police with a rollover accident on Rt 869 (Locust St) near JMA Auto. One occupant was out of the vehicle upon our arrival.
Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
Station 84 was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm at the Johnstown Flood National Memorial Visitor Center this morning. Engine 841 responded, along with 84 Captain who determined that utility companies were working in the area and there was a power outage in the area.
Crews from Stations 84 & 82 were dispatched for a heat detector alarm at one of the Park Service Cottages on Cottage lane. 84 Deputy had the command, and released all units,verifying false activation, and proper ID on scene.
Crews from 82 and 84 were dispatched to an accident with injuries, with a utility pole sheared, on the 4500 block of Elton Rd, Adams Township. One occupant was transported by EMS. Crews remained on scene assisting with traffic until utility crews arrived.
Station 84 was dispatched for wires down on the road on the 200 block of Palestine Rd, Adams Township. PD on scene advised it was cable TV wires and released Fire Company.
Rescue 845 assisted Medic 781 on a cardiac arrest to the 300 block of Humbert Rd, Sidman.
Crews from 85 and 84 were dispatched to a Smoke Detector alarm in a residence on the 1000 block of Rockville Rd, Croyle Township. No conditions found and all units placed back into service. EMS from Forst Hills assisted on scene.
A first alarm was dispatched for a structure fire at a residence along the 200 block of Hollow Rd, Adams Township. 84 Chief in command had requested mutual aid departments cancel upon arriving on scene.
A first alarm was dispatched for a working structure fire on the 900 block of Frankstown Rd., Croyle Township. Engine 861 made the attack, followed in by Engine 841. A pumper and tanker shuttle used Engines 851, and 802, Rescue 845, along with tankers from 87 (Wilmore) and 83 (Portage).
Thursday, March 28th, 2013
The Rescue kept busy over the last two days running 5 vehicle accidents. The first one involved a van vs utility pole on the 700 block of Forest Hills Drive., Sidman. The following number of accidents occured on US RT 219 during poor weather conditions.
Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Rescue 845 assisted EMS from Station 9 (East Hills) on an unconscious person on Country Inn Rd., Adams Township.
Stations 85 and 84 were dispatched for an accident with entrapment on US Rt 219 northbound between St Michael and South Fork exits. One vehicle, off the road, left the driver confined. The crew from Rescue 845 took the door with the combo tool.
Stations 82,84,and 3 were dispatched for an accident with injuries on Oakridge Dr. Adams Township. Initial reports put Station 3 units on the road, until they found no accident in their portion of the Township.
The third alarm of the day had us responding to an accident with injuries on US Rt 219 between the St Michael and South Fork exits. One vehicle crashed into the median. Rescue 845 and Engine 841 responded on the alarm with units from Station 85.
Rescue 845 and Command 841 responded to assist Station 82 on an accident with injuries near the intesection of Forest Hills Drive and Palestine Road. EMS from 78 (Forest Hills and 88 (Conemaugh Valley) assisted on scene.

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