While crews were responding to the Mayluth Road structure fire, a second dispatch for Richland Township came in for a vehicle accident at the intersection of Oakridge and Mt Airy Drive. Engine 842 wit...
A first alarm was dispatched for a structure fire on the 100 block of Mayluth Road in Richland Township shortly after lunch hour. A garage to the rear of the apartment complex was on fire,but was cont...
After returning from the CO Alarm in District 82, 84 personnel were dispatched to assist Adams Twp PD on a one vehicle accident on Rt 219 in Adams Township.
Thursday, January 20th, 2022
Stations 82 and 84 were dispatched for a Carbon Monoxide alarm at a residence on Twin Rams Road, in Adams Township. The rescue and utility responded with a total of 9. No conditions found by 82 person...
Call history
Wednesday, December 18th, 2019
Stations 84 and EMS from Forest Hills (78) were dispatched to an accident unknown injuries on the northbound lane of Rt 219 near the Water dam curve in Adams Township. PD released the Fire Dept prior to arrival.
Fire crews from Stations 82 and 84 responded to a 2 vehicle accident on the 1900 block of Forest Hills Dr., in Adams Township. EMS from East Hills assisted on scene, along with Adams Township PD Cars 304 and 305.
Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
Fire crews from Stations 82 and 84 handled a tree down on utility lines early Tuesday morning.
Saturday, December 14th, 2019
Station 84 fire crews responded on 3 different accidents throughout the day on Saturday. The first accident was shortly after noon along Strip Rd had a vehicle into a pond. The occupants self extricated prior to arrival of first responders.
Wednesday, December 11th, 2019
Fire crews from Station 84 along with EMS from Forest Hills, responded to a one vehicle accident around 5pm on Rt 219 Northbound near the Water Dam curve. No injuries, and fire personnel assisted with traffic.
Monday, December 9th, 2019
Station 84 was initially dispatched for a rollover accident on Rt 219 between Airport Landing Lights and Water Dam curve on Rt 219 northbound. EMS arrived and reported it was in District 3-RIchland Township, and they were added to the alarm.
Saturday, December 7th, 2019
Crews from Stations 85 and 84 responded to a one vehicle accident Saturday evening on Rt 219 between the South Fork and St Michael exits southbound. Fire crews assisted with debris and traffic until the auto was removed.
Firefighters from Station 84 were dispatched for an animal rescue to a residence on the 300 block of Ragers Hill Rd, in Adams Township Thursday evening. The homeowners dog was stuck under the dryer, and quickly freed.
A first alarm was dispatched to assist Station 3 Richland Township on a structure in an apartment complex in Geistown Borough. An electrical fire in the living area was quickly extinguished by residents.
A first alarm was dispatched to a reported structure near the intersection of Allison Dr., and Eisenhower Blvd. Crews were cancelled by 3 chief as they found a controlled burn in the area.
Crews from Station 84 responded on a one vehicle accident early Thursday on Beaver Run Ave., ( Rt 869) in Sidman. Crews assisted with debris and traffic for PSP.
A first alarm was dispatched to assist Station 3 on a house fire in Geistown Borough. An apparent electrical fire in the home created conditions. The alarm was held to Station 3 units and the balance of the alarm was cancelled by 3 chief
Friday, November 15th, 2019
Utility 84 responded to assist Medic 781 on a cardiac arrest call on the 500 block of Forest Hills Drive early Friday.
Engines 841 and 842, and Utility 84, responded as part of a first alarm early Thursday morning to a working house fire on the 500 block of Main St, in South Fork, assisting Station 85 (South Fork). Fire crews encountered heavy fire upon arrival.
Tuesday, November 12th, 2019
St Michael firefighters were kept busy late Tuesday afternoon with accidents as a snow front moved thru the area. The first response was to Rt 219 near the South Fork exit as a car went off the roadway.
Monday, November 11th, 2019
The third alarm of the day occurred at the same time as the vehicle accident. Engine 842 diverted to handle the alarm at the Flood Memorial visitor center. No conditions evident and the engine went back into service.
Station 84 along with EMS from Portage and Windber were dispatched for a rollover accident on the 900 block of Beaver Run Ave., in Sidman Monday evening. The rescue crew assisted with patient stabilization until EMS arrived.
Monday, November 11th, 2019
A first alarm was dispatched to a structure fire on the 100 block of Hollow Rd., in Adams Township shortly after 12 noon on Monday. Crews arrive to find a working fire in the kitchen area. The residents were not at home at the time of the fire.
Thursday, November 7th, 2019
After returning from the Mill Rd incident, crews were dispatched to a report of car vs train near the Windber Country Club, in Adams Township. No accidents were found in the Adams Township area of the Norfolk Southern Railway, however there was an accident in Windber Borough involving a train and au...
Fire units from Station 84 responded to a one vehicle accident with a van into a tree at the intersection of Mill Rd, and Fairview Avenue late Thursday afternoon. Crews assisted with debris and traffic.

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