Engine 84-1

2006 Emergency One

Photo of Engine 84-1

Engine 84-1 is a 2006 Emergency One pumper, with a 1500 GPM Hale Pump, 750 Tank. Engine 84-1 carries 1500' of 4" LDH, and several preconnected hand lines. There is a eight man cab, with SCBA seats for five. This unit also has a CAFS set up. This unit is currently our first due out engine.

Manufactured in 2006
Emergency One

Engine 84-2

1999 American LaFrance

Photo of Engine 84-2

Engine 84-2 is a 1999 American LaFrance pumper acquired in January 2009, from the Main Transit Fire Department from outisde of Buffalo NY. The Engine is equipped with a 1500 GPM Hale pump with a 750 tank, and 30 gallon foam tank. There is seating for 6, with SCBA seats for all. Eng 84-2 carries 1200' of 4" LDH, along with numerous hand lines, and a trash line off of the front bumper for quick deployment. This unit has a 10 KW Hydraulic Generator, and carries our Positive and negative pressure fans, saws, Foan Propak, a hydraulic ladder rack, and other numerous hand tools. This is our first out due engine.

Manufactured in 1999
American LaFrance

Rescue Engine 84

2005 Spartan / 4 Guys Rescue Pumper

Photo of Rescue Engine 84

Rescue Engine 84 is a combination Rescue / Pumper that has a 500 gallon tank, 2000 GPM Hale single Stage Pump, with a 30 gallon integral foam tank / CAFS unit. The Rescue carries a complete HURST Extrication tool package, having preconnected tools coming out of the rear compartment ( Spreader, "O" Cutter, and 3 Ram units.) On the front is a pre-connected Maverick Tool. There are preconnected air lines on all 4 sides. The rescue carries 1000' of 4" LDH, and several preconnected hand lines. The unit has a 20KW Harrison Hydraulic Generator, with a 9000 watt telescoping light. One of the compartments is dedicated to RIT equipent, ropes,etc. Rescue Engine 84 also carries numerous hand tools, an extra Gas HURST Motor, Gas Meter, saws, cribbing, hazardous materials equipment, spare SCBA bottles, and a 52 ton Air Bag system. The cab is a 10 man Spartan Cab with seating for 8 to include SCBA for all seats, our QRS medical equipment,and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED Unit)

Manufactured in 2005
Spartan / 4 Guys Rescue Pumper

Utility 84

2017 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Photo of Utility 84

This unit is owned by our Relief Association. Utility 84 will be used for many purposes included manpower carrier, contains various hand tools, and used for traffic control incidents. Hand tools include, halligan bars, axes, bolt cutters, chain saw, power tools, lock out kit and handlights. Equipped to assist with vehicle accidents with shovels, brooms, oil dry and can provide scene lighting. Also traffic control equipped with traffic advisor, handlights, flares, cones, and traffic incident signs.

Manufactured in 2017
Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Car 84

2022 Chevrolet Tahoe

Car 84 is a 2022 Chevrolet. THis unit is owned by our Firemans Relief Association. This command unit carries multiple radio units, and has a command board set up in the rear. Also on hand is one SCBA unit, and other various hand tools, and traffic safety equipment.

Manufactured in 2022
Chevrolet Tahoe

Brush 84

1986 GMC Truck

Photo of Brush 84

Brush 84 is a 1986 GMC truck, we purchased from the Adams -Croyle Township Rec Auth. Members renovated the unit into a brush truck. We placed a skid mount tank / pump unit from a grant received through the National Park Service, along with other brush fire fighting tools from prior National Park Service grants.

Manufactured in 1986
GMC Truck

Squad 84

1986 GMC Truck

Photo of Squad 84

Squad 84-1 is used primarily hauling of equipment, minor traffic details, and snow plowing in the winter months.

Manufactured in 1986
GMC Truck